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I am sure you know of someone who has been affected by this disease. Maybe a friend, a loved one or yourself. Do you get your yearly check ups? I hope you do. I do because breast cancer is hereditary on both sides of my family. My mother had breast cancer in 1989. I had just got hired on at MEI and then to find out my mother has breast cancer and if she did nothing she would only have 6 months. I am so grateful she had the surgery, she is now 28 years cancer free. A few years later after my mother had her surgery we got the news that my fathers mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hers was not as aggressive but she chose to still have it removed, and she also is cancer free to this day. It is funny how you look at life when things like this happen. You make changes and be more proactive to make sure your family is kept safe. So please!!!! if you have not had a mammogram in a while, call and make an appointment, we are only here on this earth for a short while.

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