Pink Journey Christmas ornament

Thanks to Christmas with the Cricut for this inspiration. They used vinyl on their ornaments. I am using a double sided sticky adhesive.

This is an ornament I made with the Pink Journey cart for my mother. She is a breast cancer survivor. What I used to create the ornament:
Future floor wax
Coral Crystals glitter from Stampin up
Wonderfilm from PKGlitz
clear ornament from Joann's
White flocking from Stampendous

First I poured in a little bit of future floor wax and rolled it around inside the bulb. I then poured out the excess. Used about three small scoops of the glitter to pour inside the ornament. Used a paper funnel to put it in (so I would not spill the glitter). Rolled the glitter around and lightly tapped out any excess glitter. Next I cut out the two ribbon images from the wonderfilm ( sorry do not remember what size). Applied the images to the front and back. Then I removed the cover off the first ribbon and applied flocking to it. Repeated for other side. I made several others using the A Child's Year cart and gave them to the girls I work with as Christmas gifts.