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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blog Design Celebration

I have had a facelift to my blog. I was not satisfied as to how my blog looked. I just did not feel it was me. So for the past several years I have looked at blogs, blog designers and free blog items.

Here is what my blog first looked like.

I like Native American things but this still is not me. So after a long search of blogs, freebies and blog designers, I decided to have my blog desgigned. I looked into several and their pricing. After I figured on the price I was able to spend I then had to decide who would design my blog.

I chose THE CUTEST BLOG ON THE BLOCK. I looked at the blogs they have designed for and liked them. I chose to go with the OHH-LA-LA package. So I filled out the form, uploaded some pics that I wanted to see on my blog and chose a few other things.

After a few days I was contacted by Jenn.

She was the lucky one to design my blog. I am glad she did, she designed the blog to fit me and I LOVE IT. Thank you Jenn and TCBOTB team.

So in celebration of my new blog design, I am giving away 7 Gypsy sleeve starter kits. Yes, I said 7.
All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog and which one you would like to receive and a second choice, and I will have pick the winners.

Gypsy sleeve starter kits to choose from:
Red Owls
Black and white Damask
Green and blue Damask
Black owls
Gypsy Green
Gypsy Black

Each kit has the sleeve,styles, lanyard, and screen protector.
This will end 6-17 at midnight.


Catherine Childs Morrison said...

HI Donna. Your new blog looks great. I love the pics you posted of Niagara Falls. My husby and I visited there in '03 from Alberta Canada. I was raised in Ontario Canada and went to Niagara Falls regularly with my family when I was a child. Your pictures are spectacular! I'd love to yoink a few for my album.. lol.
So I'm following you now and want in on your giveaway! Can I just say amazing?! Ok I love the Black and white damask so that's number one for me. Second choice would be green and blue damask. I love my Gypsy! Amazing giveaway and blog!

Anonymous said...

I think your Blog design is great. Love the motorcycle.
I would love either owl one.

Donna Schnees said...

Thanks ladies and sure you can snag pics of Niagra:) I had a great time there in Canada.

Cindy@ said...

Love love love your blog. It looks very personal and original.
Great giveaway as well. I love my Gypsy and she's only had one outfit since I got her. Maybe she would look good in a sophisticated black and white damask. Lol. Or maybe a little green for fun.

Sukie said...

I love the clean look of your blog, it's always fun to introduce something new and unique. I am a new follower of your blog and am looking forward to your creations!
scrappindhilly at gmail dot com

Beth said...

Love the look of your blog.

I am following you. I would love to get in on the give away. I would love any of them,(I'm ashamed to say I don't have a sleeve on my G) but if i had to pick my 1st choice would be the green and blue damask second choice would be the black and white damask.

rockinrobin721 said...

Love your new blog design...especially the motorcycle.

Tanya said...

Great new blog design! I recently had mine done too but by another gal/company. My Gypsy has nothing, so I would be happy with any of the sleeves! Thanks so much!

Sukie said...

I was popping over to check out your blog and noticed in my original comment, I forgot to add my first and second choices. I would love the red owls or the black and white damask. Thanks again for the opportunity to win!