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PDF is now available!
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Year End Sale & Holiday Catalog Retiring List

Come back tomorrow, December 1 and see the deals that Stampin' Up! is offering just in time for the Christmas Holidays!

Information on Shipping
The festive season is a busy time of year for sending and receiving packages, so naturally shipping times may slow down. If you are placing any orders that contain gifts for Christmas, please be advised to submit your order(s) by Thursday, December 14 for U.S.
 Orders submitted after this date are not likely to arrive before Christmas.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Last day to save on Stampin' Up! & Free Shipping on November 27th!

     Today is the last day for these deals. Click on each box below to see the items offered and then on the 27th of Cyber Monday  free shipping on any orders. Do not forget for every order over $ 25.00 (excluding shipping and handling) you will receive $5.00 off your order (Refund will be by paypal or money order) using hostess code ETD7QCFC. That is even more savings!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Rivarly Game of the season...OSU vs MICHIGAN

Image result for osu vs michigan

This game is the game of the season for our family. We are definitely a family divided when it comes to this game but in the end we are family. We enjoy this as much as any other football fan and we have fun. My mother in law, son in law and step daughter are OSU fans. I , my husband and his younger brother are Michigan fans. My husbands twin brother is a Spartan fan and their sister is a Dame fan. But when it comes to this game they root for the one or the other. I hope everyone is enjoying their day today. We are as we watch the game, Go Blue!!

Friday, November 24, 2017


Click here to see the deals going on now through the 26th.
For our next act, we’re offering free shipping on Cyber Monday! With so many online shopping deals happening, we want our offers to be as competitive as possible so your customers choose to shop with you because of the great deal you can give them.
On November 27, shipping is free for all Stampin Up! orders. Because Online Extravaganza deals include a limited variety of products, we’ve decided to end Online Extravaganza a day early and give you and your customers free shipping for an entire day on every Stampin’ Up! order placed. Use this great offer to give your customers one more day to check everything off their wish list. With free shipping you get a great deal on any product!
Over this holiday weekend, you can check out the resources we’ve provided to help spread the word to your customers early; but if you have a busy weekend planned, don’t fret! Our marketing resources are quick and simple and will let you share this deal with your customers first thing Monday morning and spend the whole day gathering their free shipping orders!
Free shipping runs from November 27 12:00 AM to November 27 11:59 PM MT.

This is a great opportunity to get those items on your wish list. Not only that, why not join Stampin' Up! to see all the new and exciting things to be happening. In October 2018 Stampin' Up! turns 30, but they are celebrating all year long. I do not know about you...but I can hardly wait to see what they are bringing to the plate. So join and get first chances at what is about to be happening, not only will you get exclusive sneak peaks but you will also get inspiring emails from me and a free pdf and from our team leader you will get 12 tutorials each month FREE! Here is a glimpse of some of the cards from past tutorials.I just need one person to join my team and I will advance to Silver, will you give me a chance to show you what I have to offer?
 If you need more information, contact me at 
donnaschnees2008@embarqmail.com and put in the subject line: I want to Join your team!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stampin' Up! Online Extravaganza Online Sale!

If you missed the 24 Hour sale, no worries, here is another sale!

The savings is phenomenal on your favorite stamp sets 
And there’s more...To close out Online Extravaganza with a bang, we are offering a special 24-hour flash sale on November 27th, after other Online Extravaganza deals end on the 26th. These items will be announced the closer we get to the 27th. So check back soon and often for more info.

If you wish to shop with me just go to the right sidebar and click on the "Come shop with me"

Friday, November 17, 2017

Online Extravaganza 24 hour Stamp Sale November 20th!

Here are the ones that will be available only on November 20th. Click on the above picture to see them and the ones that will be available from November 20th through the 26th. If you do not have a demonstrator I would love to help you out. Just email me at donnaschnees2008@embarqmail.com and I will email you on how to order or go to the right side bar and click on shop with me:)
(I can only ship to US, sorry that's the rules).

Remarkable You Wood
$45.00 USD/$59.00 CAD
$36.00 USD/$47.20 CAD
Remarkable You Clear
$33.00 USD/$44.00 CAD
$26.40 USD/$35.20 CAD
Bloomin Love
$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD
$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
Éclosion d'amour
$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD
$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
Celebrate You Wood
$25.00 USD/$33.00 CAD
$20.00 USD/$26.40 CAD
Celebrate You Clear
$18.00 USD/$24.00 CAD
$14.40 USD/$19.20 CAD
Cool Treats
$27.00 USD/$33.00 CAD
$21.60 USD/$26.40 CAD
Souhaits frais
$27.00 USD/$33.00 CAD
$21.60 USD/$26.40 CAD
You're so Sweet Wood
$27.00 USD/$35.00 CAD
$21.60 USD/$28.00 CAD
You're so Sweet Clear
$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD
$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
Juste comme ça
$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD
$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
Garden Girl Wood
$27.00 USD/$35.00 CAD
$21.60 USD/$28.00 CAD
Garden Girl Clear
$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD
$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
Good Vibes Wood
$27.00 USD/$35.00 CAD
$21.60 USD/$28.00 CAD
Good Vibes Clear
$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD
$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
Super Duper Wood
$27.00 USD/$36.00 CAD
$21.60 USD/$28.80 CAD
Super Duper Clear
$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD
$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
Heartfelt Sympathy
$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD
$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
Des adieux du fond du cœur
$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD
$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
Every Good Wish
$18.00 USD/$24.00 CAD
$14.40 USD/$19.20 CAD
Every Good Wish
$25.00 USD/$33.00 CAD
$20.00 USD/$26.40 CAD
Que de bons vœux
$18.00 USD/$24.00 CAD
$14.40 USD/$19.20 CAD
Good Tidings
$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD
$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
Bouquet de houx
$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD
$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
Milestone Moments
$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD
$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
À souligner
$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD
$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
More than Chocolate
$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD
$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
Number of Years
$27.00 USD/$33.00 CAD
$21.60 USD/$26.40 CAD
Au fil des ans
$27.00 USD/$33.00 CAD
$21.60 USD/$26.40 CAD
Oh What Fun
$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD
$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
Hourra pour Noel
$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD
$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
Touches of Texture Wood
$45.00 USD/$69.00 CAD
$36.00 USD/$55.20 CAD
Touches of Texture Clear
$33.00 USD/$44.00 CAD
$26.40 USD/$35.20 CAD

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wow! First preorder is already closed!

Can you believe it?? It is already closed. Did you get your order in? If not wait for the next round. I was lucky to get one:) and made it just in time. Keep watching for the next window of opportunity.

Reserve your Stamparatus now before they close the reservation page!!!

Why do YOU need one? You’ll fall in love with stamping all over again when you learn everything you can do with it!
Look at what this can do!

  • 1) Make multiples with ease
  • 2) Consistently stamp crisp, clean images
  • 3)I f you want a darker impression, apply more ink and restamp—no need to start over
  • 4) Make fewer mistakes, saving time and money
  • 5) Easily create 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step stamped images using reversible plates
  • 6) Develop new and specialized stamping techniques with adjustable stamping plates and precision placement

I need product details!
  • 1) Compatible with Stampin’ Up!’s red rubber and      photopolymer stamp
  • 2) Foam mat to use with photopolymer stamps
  • 3) Rulers and grid lines for quick measuring
  • 4) 2 open sides so you can stamp on larger paper
  • 5) 2 reversible plates: a total of 4 surfaces to work with
  • 6) 2 magnets to hold the paper in place
  • 7) Magnet storage areas
  • Retail Price–$49.00 USD
  • (I can only take US orders only)
  • Still not sure?

Okay I gotta have one! How do I get it?

With the launch of this tool, we’re trying something different: testing a new reservation system. It acts like a true preorder: you reserve your spot and we guarantee shipment as soon as the product arrives in our warehouse. Demonstrators and customers will place reservations and receive their product at the same time. This system will allow us to get the product to market as soon as possible while avoiding backorders and efficiently managing inventory.
The global launch will feature three reservation windows. For each window, please note the following:
  • Reservation quantities are while supplies last.
  • Limit is 3 tools per demonstrator and 1 tool per customer per reservation window. (Note: The Stamparatus is not a Cash-and-Carry item.)
  • You and your customers may participate in multiple reservation windows.
  • In order to reserve your Stamparatus, you are required to provide your credit card information.
  • Credit cards will not be charged until the Stamparatus ships from our facility. When you close your order, be sure to verify that your credit card and shipping information is correct. Below is the dates you can start reserving yours.
November 16–30, 2017Approx. February 1, 2018
December 5–30, 2017Approx. March 19, 2018
January 15–30, 2018Approx. April 15, 2018
You must create a customer profile-CLICK HERE TO DO THIS
(be sure my name is on the page, if not go to Demonstrator Finder and put in my name, 72 Short Street, Milford Center, OH 43045)
Here is how you reserve it:

Step 1:

Enter your credit card information.
Please load images to see this graphic.

Step 2:

Click reserve.
Please load images to see this graphic.

Step 3:

If you want to cancel, click cancel and your reservation will be removed from the system.
Please load images to see this graphic.

Step 4: 

A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.


If the reservation window is closed, you will see the following message.
Please load images to see this graphic. If you get this message, the reservation window is closed.

(Want more than one - demonstrators get to reserve 3 - talk to me about joining before the 16th).

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