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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Stampin' Up! is making some big changes

We have some big changes to our die-cutting and embossing product line that will give us a better opportunity to support the long-term vision we have for the line. While we’ve worked with our current supplier for many years, we’ve had the opportunity to reassess this relationship. After extensive research, demonstrator feedback, and evaluation, we’ve decided to move in a new direction and we’re optimistic about this new course.
We strive to provide you with the best papercrafting products and experiences, without sacrificing the quality Stampin’ Up! is known for, all while being mindful of cost and other important considerations, including our Stampin’ Up! value of Innovation: We embrace the spirit of discovery by setting challenging goals, considering opportunities, emphasizing creativity, and having the courage to change as we strive to better our best.
Innovation requires risk, and in our pursuit of a better overall die-cutting and embossing product line, we’re experiencing more significant challenges than we originally planned for. These are not insurmountable challenges, but they are taking time to resolve.
Because of these setbacks, we will not offer a die-cutting & embossing machine in the 2019–2020 annual catalog. We know this will create some challenges for you, and for that, we apologize. Our product development department is moving with responsible haste to work through this issue, and we will share more information as things are finalized.
However, we will offer new dies and embossing folders in the 2019–2020 annual catalog. Since we’re using a new supplier, the dies and folders will be manufactured differently; this means the way you use the new style of dies and folders will be a little different than how you used the old style. Both the new-style and old-style dies and embossing folders can work with any die-cutting & embossing machine (in some cases, adaptations like shims may be required because the gap between rollers on machines may vary slightly between manufacturers; this is explained more in our Q&A PDF below).
One of the significant factors in this decision is that instead of working with a supplier who works with a manufacturer, we are moving to a direct-to-manufacturer relationship. This means that we will work directly with the factories who manufacture our dies and folders instead of working with another company who then works with different factories. This gives us greater control and potential in the manufacturing process. Here’s one example of how that will work: having a direct-to-manufacturer relationship will better allow us to implement die and folder ideas we gather from you, our power users. When we gather feedback and ideas from you, we will now be able to work directly with the factories making the products to implement those innovative ideas.
So while the current situation isn’t ideal, we are setting the foundation for greater die-cutting and embossing opportunity in the future.

Transition to New Die-Cutting and Embossing Line

Here’s a look at how this transition will unfold:

Beginning April 9, 2019
Product Name References
In training and communications, you’ll notice us transition away from our old-style die-cutting and embossing product names and start referring to them in our new-style names. See the Die-Cutting and Embossing Product Names chart below.
Through June 3, 2019
Die and Folder Supply: While Supplies Last and Interruptions
  • Inventory on some retiring dies may be depleted before the end of the 2019 occasions and 2018–2019 annual catalog sales period; we will not replenish inventory on any retiring dies and folders that sell out.
  • Inventory on some dies and folders carrying over into the 2019–2020 catalog may be depleted; if this happens, they may go on backorder or may not be available to order until we have replenished the inventory.*
April 15–June 3, 2019
Retiring List
  • Our old-style die-cutting & embossing machine will be on the retiring list while supplies last. This also includes related products such as plates and platforms.
  • Dies and embossing folders included on the retiring list will not be offered in the new catalog in any format.
  • Dies and standard embossing folders NOT included on the retiring list will be carried over into the 2019–2020 annual catalog. We’ll use up our current inventory before starting to ship new-style dies, so even if you place an order in 2020, you might receive an old-style die or folder.* These are the high-quality products we currently offer, so we’re confident that you’ll be happy with their performance.

May 2–June 3, 2019
2019–2020 Annual Catalog Preorder
  • All dies and the embossing folder included on the preorder will be produced by our new supplier and made in the new style with a different and high-quality product design.
April 13–16, 2019
Product Purchase Premiere for OnStage Attendees
  • This offer is a chance for OnStage attendees to order a selection of products from the 2019–2020 annual catalog early.
  • All dies and the embossing folder included on the Product Purchase Premiere will be produced by our new supplier and made in the new style with a different and high-quality product design.
Beginning June 4, 2019
2019–2020 Annual Catalog
  • All new dies and embossing folders (denoted with a “New” icon in the catalog) will be produced by our new supplier and made in the new style with a different and high-quality product design.
  • For carryover dies and non-3D embossing folders, we’ll use up our current inventory before starting to ship new-style dies, so even if you place an order in 2020, you might receive an old-style die or folder.* These are the high-quality products we currently offer, so we’re confident you’ll be happy with their performance.
  • All new and carryover 3D embossing folders will be produced by our new supplier and made in the new style with a different and high-quality product design.
  • Carryover 3D embossing folders (previously named Dynamic) will not be available to order beginning with the catalog launch but we’re in process on getting these ready to go and they’ll be available as soon as possible. We’ll let you know when they are.
  • No die-cutting & embossing machine will be available for purchase from Stampin’ Up! in the 2019–2020 annual catalog.
Product Training on New Dies and Embossing Folders
  • We’ll have more details—including visuals—on the new-style dies and embossing folders, as well as training on using them, available on the demonstrator website as they are developed.
*We anticipate possible interruption with the dies and embossing folders carrying over into the new catalog while we transition our inventory to our new supplier. This could mean items going on backorder, or periods of time where items are unavailable to order. We recommend that you keep an eye on the Inventory Status Report which will indicate when product inventory levels are low, if they’re on backorder, and if they’re unavailable to order. Keep in mind that this report is refreshed multiple times a day but it does not provide an up-to-the-minute reflection of our inventory levels and status.

Die-Cutting and Embossing Product Names

Another change required in this transition from our previous supplier is to the terminology we use to refer to die-cutting and embossing products. While the primary reason behind these changes is to comply with trademarks, we are excited for the opportunity to simplify—and we think it will make talking to your customers about these products even easier.
All dies are now just “dies.” We no longer need to categorize them based on whether they’re open (coordinate with stamps), detailed, or designed to go along an edge. And embossing folders will all be called “embossing folders.” We will have two types: standard and 3D (3D being more detailed and intricate than standard).
Please start using the new-style product names with your customers and in your business—on social media, blog posts, website, emails—everywhere.

Old-Style Product NamesNew-Style Product Names
Framelits™, Thinlits™, Edgelits™
Textured Impressions™ Embossing Folder
embossing folder
Textured Impressions Dynamic Embossing Folder
3D embossing folder
Plates, platforms, etc.
Big Shot™
Any die-cutting & embossing machine we may offer in the future will have a different name.

Highlights: New-Style Dies and Embossing Folders

Since we’re using a new supplier for our dies and embossing folders, they’ll be manufactured differently, which means the way you use them will be a little different. We’ll highlight a few of the changes between the old-style and new-style products below. In the future, we’ll also provide videos to show how to craft with the new-style dies and embossing folders and better showcase the features described below.
We’re confident the new-style products will continue to uphold our high-quality standards and that you’ll be happy with your crafting results using the new style.
Here are some of the changes you’ll notice with our new-style dies and embossing folders:
  • Our new-style open dies (those that coordinate with stamps) use a high quality metal that’s thinner than before but still as strong and durable.
  • The new-style dies have an added lip to the inside of the blades.
  • On old-style dies, when you place an open die (dies that coordinate with stamps) over a stamped image, a small border of cardstock is visible around the stamped image. With new-style dies, the die hugs the edge of the stamped image. Instead of aligning the die to the space around the stamped image, you will align it to the edges of the stamped image. When the image is cut, there will still be a cardstock border around the image.

Old style alignment


New style alignment


  • We’ve improved the adhesive that secures the dies to the insert sheet in the package so that it’s not too sticky. It’s easier to remove dies from the insert sheet, and the adhesive won’t cling to the dies.
  • We’ve standardized the size of the die inserts for easier storage based on our observation of how demonstrators store their dies. There are now only two insert sizes: 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 cm), which coordinate in size with our stamp cases, and 6" x 6" (15.2 x 15.2 cm). The standard sizes will allow uniform storage in whatever system you use. The envelopes that the dies come in will be slightly larger.
  • With old-style Dynamic folders, we recommended you spritz cardstock before embossing to soften the fibers so you got a better impression. Now, that extra step will not be necessary because the new-style folders usually create a crisp impression without spritzing. The way the new folders are manufactured also gives us options for more detailed and intricate designs in the future.
  • 3D folders are thinner than our old-style Dynamic folders. Because they are thinner, you will need to use a shim, depending on the die-cutting & embossing machine you use.

As more updates and happenings go on, I will post them as soon as I can. It is exciting to see the new changes coming for Stampin' Up!

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